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Haarlem, 5 mei 1993

Unlimited, optreden i.v.m. Bevrijdingsdag in Haarlem 1993.

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Haarlem, Nederland
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facing the sun blowing brightInstantly disperse the haze enveloped the heart of the seaAt that moment I realized that as long as I embrace the sunSun will also kissed me on the cheekFor my heart heal pain screed heart injuryAs to the past, those sweetThe more afraid to touch the more deep-seated internal injury,If the time when people will not be able to go back further changeWill we go back to thatFengpao carefree laughter Age of Innocence,It refers to a gentle whisper a fine feelingsFingertip residual warmth is to stay in the heart of the warm sunsetRosy cheeks like most of a ripe pomegranateDistant melodious whistles cheerful and vivid thatBeautiful and clear life is spiritual happiness, it is sometimes not necessarily with the external material life are closely linked. Power of true happiness, abundance from the heart, comes from an educated, from the vision of the ideal, but also to learn from and exchange with the Liangpengyiyou. Some things, Nabu Qi, will choose to lay down; some things, bad things, put it to give up; some idea, can not figure out, do not bother about; some passing, unable to retain, let it leave; some feelings, reason not ring true , then reluctantly let go; some pain, get rid, learned to forget; some in the past, forget, she hid in my heart; some work done, sought help from others. Life, there is always a way to go, storms of life, indifferent hand in hand. Just happy, you are not missing anything.Really I want a sweet time reserved for conjectureWhen that Chu Chen Autumn flowers that bloom atDuring that winter snows in Meiying whipped occasion that Maple LeafThere is not a beautiful dream will never wake up,When I stand scene,A Sentimental leafBefore the advent of the sad seasonIt is a hopeOpen one pair of wings dream waiting to flyWhen ShuanglengzhangheLu dense star dilute autumn arrivesIt turned into dust fall little CanhongIs the daughter of tears or sad or eye shadow is overlooking the fallen star,NowWhen the season turned into sweet lips that touch lightly smileWhen distant winds carry the share of distant roaring greetings from afarI wore twilight is getting stronger in the autumnAnd I saw the shadow of a beautiful warmthStill so shy shySunshine weakIt will reveal a smiling face pure and lovely rabbit teeth,Miss in the heart filled with a burst of sour tideTears in their eyes misty front of this piece of the familiar scene solicitous of mapleRefreshing gentle elegant Chu Chen Ju lakeAs we stroll the waterfront and then talk about the scene when life by a dream DreamFaintly hear your ears ringing laughter sounded in the skyThe moment I looked search only to find it just left me a timeRegarding your unreal and beautiful dreamWake up you nor yourAnd I is not had that frank and reckless I,The fate of the two-hand control of the Almighty much unknown outcomeThis time changing the face of how much has changed really sincere to faceIn the years we have not only smooth full forehead engravedCecil mottled patternIn our ever more pure, not stained Qian Chen heart printed under theMore unforgettable scarsGo back to the innocent young carefree joyTeenage TimeThose who can not have a

21 mrt 2017, 12:43